The Devastation of Being Unkind and Unmerciful

“The merciful man does good for his own soul, but he who is cruel troubles his own flesh.” Proverbs 11:17 NKJV

It doesn’t hurt to show kindness and mercy, but to some people, it seems like it’s a disaster to show a simple gesture of kindness and mercy. For an example, walking away before things escalate. I see a lot of videos on social media which I believe, if some people could simply walk away, they wouldn’t have to worry about being in trouble, losing their job, or being in a physical altercation. Can you show the simple courtesy of walking away, especially in a situation that is none of your business?

Can you show mercy when a man is sitting in his car intoxicated by simply allowing him to call a relative to pick him up from his destination? Can you show kindness by simply wearing your mask in case you are asymptomatic to the Coronavirus? Can you show mercy when a man is being pinned to the ground with a cop’s knee on his neck? Can you show kindess by being concerned about our children’s education and well-being? Can you show kindness by not shooting other people to harm them while they are going about their daily living? Can you show kindness by not calling parents, “fearmongers”, just because they are concerned about their child(ren) getting the Coronavirus, which is a deadly and fatal disease, by the way? Can you show mercy when thousands of cars are lined up to take an uncomfortable COVID-19 test or get a food box from various locations? Can you show mercy to people who are losing their homes, jobs, and vehicles?

Does it really hurt to show kindness and mercy?

Absolutely not! While I see the videos of people being unkind and unmerciful, I also see the opposite. I see people who show kindness and mercy by being there for others who are in need of food, clothing, and a place to stay. I see majority of people wearing their masks. I see people protesting for racial injustice. I see businesses standing in solidarity for black lives matter. I see celebrities and communities assisting families who have lost their loved ones to police brutality. I see leaders being brave and standing up for the rights and safety of their communities and states. I see the videos of those who survived the Coronavirus. I see videos of those who survived the shooting during the Fourth of July weekend. I see how those who are hurting from losing a loved one or have been harmed by the senseless shooting are being lifted up in prayer around the globe. From this day forward, I will focus on these things for the sake of my sanity and beliefs. Lord, help me to stay focus. It really doesn’t hurt to show kindness and mercy.

But, just in case it does for you, whoever you are, please seek therapy.

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Published by Tyra E. Rowell

I am an introverted innovator and empath who has strong views about life, mental health, and faith. I am big on perspective. I believe we should breathe and take another look before leaping to conclusions. I am a psychotherapist with an Ed.S. in Counseling. I desire to encourage and help God's people to live life abundantly in every aspect. Spirit, soul, and body.

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