Meet Our Founder

Tyra Rowell, a native of West Point, Mississippi, knows what it is like to suffer in silence and don’t know where to get help. She grew up believing she would never be good enough nor have enough. She was molested when she was a child, hearing impaired with a speech impediment. She has been ridiculed, persecuted, rejected by many, but she became resilient through it all by learning how to tackle her issues of life.

By faith, she learned to love herself the way God had created her. She learned how to be brave in dire circumstances that were intended to destroy her. She also learned that being hearing-impaired did not mean she was deaf to living a happy and fulfilled life. Her persecutions and rejections didn’t stop her from pursuing her dreams and going after opportunities that were an obstacle.

She obtained an Educational Specialist degree in Counselor Education from Mississippi State University and a Bachelor’s degree in Family Studies from Mississippi University for Women. She got her license as a School Counselor in the state of Mississippi and Tennessee. She also obtained her National Certified Counselor credentials from the National Board of Certified Counselors. She teaches Human Growth & Development at East Mississippi Community College in spite of her speech impediment.

Tyra is passionate in teaching, counseling, writing, and empowering others. She has a heart to serve and help others. Hence, the reason for Issues of Life, Inc. being founded. She saw a need in her community which lacks a safe place to talk about issues of life. A place that will not only listen to you talk about your issues, but also a place that will provide resources to meet other needs to have a wholesome life.