Treat Others Like You Want to be Treated

“Treat others just as you want to be treated.” Luke 6:31 CEV

Treating others how I would want to be treated is like the saying “to get respect you have to give it.” I just simply think that treating others how you would want to be treated means taking what you know is right and doing it unto others. You wouldn’t want to be rude to someone and think they wouldn’t get rude back especially when you both should be treated with respect and kindness. God says to treat people the same way as you would want yourself. So, it wouldn’t make sense for you to treat someone bad and not get that same treatment back.

The lesson of the day is to take what God gave you that is good and treat people with the same energy and niceness as you would want for them to do to you.

Written by Tia Edwards, 10th grade student

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Published by Tyra E. Rowell

I am an introverted innovator and empath who has strong views about life, mental health, and faith. I am big on perspective. I believe we should breathe and take another look before leaping to conclusions. I am a psychotherapist with an Ed.S. in Counseling. I desire to encourage and help God's people to live life abundantly in every aspect. Spirit, soul, and body.

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