Temperament Counseling

Temperament, in simple terms, is the inborn (not genetic, i.e. brown hair, blue eyes, etc.) part of man that determines how he reacts to people, places and things. In short, it is how people interact with their environments and the world around them. Temperament pinpoints our perception of ourselves and the people who love us. It is also the determining factor in how well we handle the stresses and pressures of life.

Temperament can best be defined as Spiritual genetics or God’s imprint upon each one of us. Three are involved in the conception of a child: the mother, the father and the Creator.

An individual’s temperament is identified through the Arno Profile System (APS report) which was named after its founders, Drs. Richard and Phyllis Arno. The APS report assists Christian Counselors with identifying a persons’ spiritual genetics. This system gives the counselee 90% success!

Why Temperament Counseling Works?

Paul said in Romans, 7th chapter, and 15th verse, (NIV) “I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do. Have you ever wondered why you do the very thing you know not to do and do it anyway? This is one of the reasons why temperament counseling works. The main focus of the counselor is to target the source of the problem based on the APS report.

Another reason why Temperament Counseling works is the counselor provides the counselee with a session-by-session plan so he or she will know, in advance, what to expect at each session. Providing the counselee with a “plan of action” removes the fear of the unknown.

The Benefits of Temperament Counseling

  • To identify what causes relationship conflicts and how to resolve them
  • The secrets of human behavior and how God’s wonderful plan works when understood and applied
  • A very successful five-step method for counseling those who turn to them for help
  • The Arno Profile System identifies an individual’s inborn, God-given temperament rather than their behavior.

What is the cost for Temperament Counseling?

A consultation fee of $50 is paid upfront to provide an APS report for the counselor in order to help the counselee. This fee pays for the APS report and your first counseling session. During the consultation, the counselee will complete a questionnaire for the APS report. At the first counseling session, the counselor will provide a summary of the counselee’s temperament as well as a plan of action. If the counselee wants to continue with the plan of action, the fee is $25 for each session which lasts 35 minutes. The plan of action is based on biblical principles.