We will offer TWO summer programs to be started in June of 2019!

The Fishers of Men Project is a summer program for boys that will be spearheaded by Jeffrey Rowell, a man who loves to fish. He also love God’s people and has a passion for fatherless sons and daughters. The first mission of this project is to be a mentor for fatherless sons and daughters as well teach them how to fish. There are two goals for this program. The first goal is to have as many men to volunteer their time to mentor another child in the community. His second goal is to help fathers become better fathers for their children. Some men may not know how to be fathers because they didn’t have a role model to show them how to be fathers. If you would like to become a mentor, please send an email to to receive an application.

Teen Girls Pilates is a summer program for girls. This program will be spearheaded by personal trainer, Tyra Rowell. She will teach the girls Pilates and also about certain topics pertaining to girl issues. More info to come.